Create Shop

Create shop 1 - Create Shop

  • After creating an account you will be redirected to the shop page. Where you create your shop on cremeyaad.
  • Upload display photo (Shop Logo). The image size should be a minimum of 400×400 pixels.
  • Upload any image on the cover photo section which resembles your shop or products.

Create shop 2 - Create Shop

  • Please add Shop Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, and Postal Code in the given fields.
  • Select the region(s) of your products from the drop-down.
  • Select shop type from the drop-down. (For example, if you are selling food items then you will select “Food & Drinks” from the drop-down.)
  • Select “Primary & Secondary” colors for your shop. If you don’t pick any colors then default colors will be used on your shop page.

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