Create/Modify Product

Add Product - Create/Modify Product

  • After creating the product category, you will be redirected to the “Add Product” page.
  • Select category from the drop-down menu which you have created in the previous screen.
  • Enter the product name and description.
  • Enter Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) which will help you to maintain product stock in your shop.
  • Enter Quantity and Regular price (USD).
  • You can add a Sale Price if you are offering a sale on a specific product.
  • Enter Product Weight (lbs). Weight is important because this will be used to calculate shipping.
  • Upload Product Image(s).

tags - Create/Modify Product

  • You can add product-related words in the tags. This will help your product to appear in search when any buyer is searching for a product on Cremeyaad.

Modify Product

modify product - Create/Modify Product

  • In the left menu click on “My Product”.

modify product 2 - Create/Modify Product

  • You will have a list of all your products. Click on the Pencil icon to edit product options.

modify product 3 - Create/Modify Product

  • You can modify the product as required and click on submit button to save it.

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