Create/Modify Product Options

Product Options 1 - Create/Modify Product Options

  • While creating the product you will see a section “Add Options”. This is used to create variable products for example if you have a sauce that is available in 2 quantities (250g and 500g) with different pricing.

Product Options 2 - Create/Modify Product Options

  • Add product name in the optional title and product title.
  • All the information related to the product and upload image.

Product Options 3 - Create/Modify Product Options

  • The product option will display as a dropdown on your product page.

Modify Product Options

modify product 2 - Create/Modify Product Options

  • Go to “My Products” from the left menu and click on the pencil icon to modify the product options.

Product Options Modify 1 - Create/Modify Product Options

  • You can modify product options as required.
  • If you want to remove the product option just click on “Remove Option” and save it.

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